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NEW Men's Signature Crewneck Alpaca Sweater NEW Button Men's Baby Alpaca Crewneck SPECIAL NEW Azure Reversible Alpaca Cardigan
100% Alpaca sweater featuring subtle wave knit pattern and ribbing at collar, sleeves, and hem. Ash. Lightweight and ultra soft, this casual men's sweater features three button closures at neckline. Sand. Fully reversible, this sweater is sure to complement any outfit!
NEW Shaker Men's Alpaca Sweater NEW Royal Alpaca Scarf SPECIAL NEW Royal Alpaca Scarf
NEW Royal Alpaca Scarf

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100% Alpaca sweater featuring garter stitching. Great for layering. These superb woven scarves are made of 100% ROYAL Alpaca. These superb woven scarves are made of 100% ROYAL Alpaca.
NEW Vienna Alpaca Cardigan NEW Paris Alpaca Cardigan NEW Hooded Lace Alpaca Cardigan
Natural toned embroidery and hidden button closures turn this elegant knee-length cardigan into a classic. Natural toned embroidery and hidden button closures turn this elegant waist-length cardigan into a classic. Hooded cardigan featuring scalloped hem and sleeves, three shell buttons and an open wave knit.
NEW Aqua Alpaca Cardigan BUY 10 GET 1 FREE Baby Alpaca Woven Scarves NEW Hooded Cable Alpaca Cardigan
Subtle yet sophisticated, this cardigan features vertical stripes and a pointed hem. These superb woven scarves are made of 100% Baby Alpaca. Hooded cardigan featuring cable knit pockets, and a single button closure at the neck.
70% Alpaca 30 % Acrylic
NEW Persian Alpaca Sweater NEW Ebony Reversible Alpaca Cardigan NEW Royalty Alpaca Cardigan
Full-zip cardigan inspired by rich Persian textiles. Colorful embroidery embellishes a burgundy filigree motif at the waist and sleeves. Fully reversible, this sweater is sure to complement any outfit! Rich colors and bold patterns adorn this lightweight cardigan. A great transitional piece for every season, the Royalty earns its name in an understated manner.
NEW Adele Alpaca Cardigan NEW Treasure Reversible Hooded Cape NEW Cowl Neck Square Alpaca Cape
Structured with stylish comfort in mind, the Adele cardigan features flattering draped panels in the front and a cozy shawl collar. Truly a statement piece, the Treasure features lively embroidery, a contemporary hood and double button closure at the neckline. A lightweight cowl adds contrast and dimension to this cape, while its shape boasts clean lines and a flattering cut.
NEW Town & Country Alpaca Cardigan NEW Acacia-Zinia Alpaca Cardigan Alpaca Embroidery Shawl
Alpaca Embroidery Shawl

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Knee-length cardigan featuring textured shawl collar and a variety of rib knit patterns. Perfect for everyday wear. Bright yellow flowers pop against a field of cool blue tones; this sweater features one hidden button closure at the neckline. This elegant piece of art will turn heads in every crowd. The large embroidered....
NEW Elegance Alpaca Cardigan NEW Floral Fusion Reversible Alpaca Ruana NEW Mara Alpaca Capelet
NEW Mara Alpaca Capelet

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Full-zip cardigan featuring delicate embroidery on the front, back and sleeves. This reversible cropped ruana is sprinkled with jewel-toned floral embroidery and accented with a geometric border. Lovely when worn open or draped across the shoulder. Asymmetrical capelet in natural/denim tones. The juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal stripes make this piece as eye-catching as it is versatile.
NEW Cuzco Alpaca Cap NEW Cuzco Alpaca Gauntlet NEW Cuzco Alpaca Scarf
NEW Cuzco Alpaca Cap

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NEW Cuzco Alpaca Scarf

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100% Baby Alpaca 100% Baby Alpaca 100% Baby Alpaca
NEW London Alpaca Cardigan NEW Emerald Diamond Alpaca Sweater NEW Ladies Barn Vest
NEW Ladies Barn Vest

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A modern, symmetrical design coupled with hidden button closures lends sophistication to the London cardigan.
A stylish geometric print adorns this timeless knee-length cardigan. Our popular Moosehead vest, now in a woman's cut! The 50% Alpaca, 50% Wool blend insulates while the Sherpa lining keeps you cozy and warm.
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